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Clayton Miller is a Chicago-based user interface, UX, graphic, motion, illustration, sound, electronic music, and artisan salad wrap designer, insatiably curious about humans and how they can be better understood, helped, empowered, and entertained.

When not writing long essays at Interuserface (which is most of the time), he tweets @claymill.



10/GUI is an attempt to rethink desktop human-computer interaction, addressing both the limitations of the PARC-legacy mouse and window GUI, and the usability problems inherent in other would-be contenders. Released as a concept video in the fall of 2009, it garnered some acclaim from a variety of online publications and even some interest from within a few industry leaders.

Whether October 2009 saw the brief flash of yet another unsuccessful GUI challenger or the slow beginnings of a real change in the industry will take time to see. 10/GUI is a work in progress, and it’s my hope that it’s inspired other works in progress.



Presteign comprises a music project and to a lesser degree a sound + visual art project. Presteign’s debut recording, The Architects and the Authors was released in 2008, followed by The Foreseeable Future in 2011. A new release may be coming in 2013.



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